January, 2018

Celebrate the new year with A. K. Khan Telecom Limited!

Congratulations to our Managing Director for being elected president of Dhaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry

We are very delighted that our Managing Director, Mr. Abul Kasem Khan, has been re-elected for the President of DCCI. Victory with a large majority has filled us with immense joy. He is currently a Director of AK Khan and Co Ltd, which is one of the oldest private sector business entities in Bangladesh established in 1945.

A. K. Khan & Co Ltd. has had operations in the telecom distribution industry since 1997. Today, A K Khan Telecom Ltd. (AKTL) is the largest telco products distributor in Bangladesh, covering the entire Chittagong division. The company also offers enterprise solutions such IoT solutions, Security solutions, Unified Communications & Mobile Devices.

AKNet and Infocom, which as SBU's of AKTL are internet service providers offering IT enabled services and such as Dedicated Internet and Data, Domain Hosting, IP Surveillance, Unified communications and Collaborations, RFID with Smart Communication etc.


AKTL  has two ISP business units, AKNet which caters to all our Dhaka based  clients, and Infocom which does so for our Chittagong based clients. Our  network ensures excellent quality, high capacity and low latency  internet connectivity. We have established our own dedicated link through an underground fiber optic via NTTN and radio. Our network  maintains redundancy of all hardware used. SEA-MEE-WE-4 and ITC cables  ensure fast access speeds to the world wide web.

IoT (Internet of Things)

4G/3G/2.5G wireless networking products
- Router
- IP modem

LoRa wireless networking products

- LoRa Router/Gateway
- LoRa Module

Zigbee wireless networking products

- Embedded Zigbee module
- Zigbee IP Modem
- Zigbee router

GPS tracking products

- Router
- IP modem
- Modem

4G/3G/2.5G collection and transmission products

- Wireless RTU


Security Solutions

We are providing following Security Solutions:

1. CCTV/IP Surveillance
2. RFID Solution
3. Access Control/Archway/Flap Barrier/Smart Lock
4. Antivirus
5. Centralised Video Management System 

Unified Communications and Collaboration

By integrating voice, video and data with mobility, enterprises will benefit from increased efficiency and productivity, particularly for users on the move. Our offering of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution architecture is designed for multimedia solution under a single platform allowing for flexible deployment.
We are providing the following UCC Solutions:

1. Contact Center Solution
2. IPBX Solution
3. Audio, Web and Video Conferencing
4. Unified Messaging


Mobile Device

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